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I’m listening to Tangerine Dream’s latest album, Madcap’s Flaming Duty and I am pleasantly surprised to admit that it’s the best thing I’ve heard from them in almost twenty years. [more]

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A real act of bravery:

“This is a real act of political courage and statesmanship by the governor. He is taking what I think was a good bill and making it even better,” said James Reilly, chairman of the RTA.

What’s so brave? Why, pandering to seniors with free transit in order to divert attention from a sales-tax increase, of course! What other solution is there when your transit system is out of money? Duh.

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Listen to this praise for New York’s Governor Eliot Spitzer:

Spitzer called on the MTA [Metropolitan Transportation Authority] to throw away a proposal that would have raised the price of those individual rides [from $2] to $2.25, and the MTA went along with him. It sounds like a small thing and is the opposite of that. It is a big thing Spitzer did, a big story of the city. This was the governor of the state acting like a true advocate for the city that grew him and grew his ambitions.

This flapdoodle goes on for about a dozen more paragraphs in the same vein. The problem? Almost nobody pays $2 to ride the subway or bus in New York City.


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The recent fetish of blaming schools for teachers’ and administrators’ incompetence shuffles kids around for no particular reason.


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A fifth-grader champions Rudy Giuliani:

There are few things more irritating than listening to some pale, behoodied ectomorph hold forth about how much better New York City was before Rudy Giuliani got hold of it.


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This is essentially our illustrious governor Spitzer’s position on his recent initiative to give “special” driver’s licenses to illegal immigrants. I just heard him utter words to that effect on the news. (I think his exact words were “it’s not a privilege”–ludicrously comparing the securing of a driver’s license to buying a NYC subway MetroCard!)


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What a waste.


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I picked up a new iPod the other day, one of the big suckers with a 160GB capacity. (I remember when a 2GB hard drive was about the size of a small filing cabinet.)


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The Derb has a curious article up lamenting the passing of a time when it was acceptable to laugh at foreigners.


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Atlantic City, a shining example of the nation’s problems with crime and urban decline, wants to ban smoking in all casinos. This isn’t terribly shocking, given recent history. But given that casinos are a very adult place, it’s pretty pathetic that politicos want to treat their patrons like children. Well, it looks like the city council won’t quite get its way. Casinos will be allowed to make their own rules as long as floors remain “at least 75% smoke-free”. This is actually a reasonably fair way to deal with the issue. Casinos can experiment with different rules and find the optimum way to make everyone happy. Everyone except the city council, that is. Still, it’s a shame that they waste time on inconsequential stuff like this when the city outside the casino doors remains an intractable mess.