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Anyone who has any lingering doubts over the utterly contemptible, mind-boggling evil of the Chinese Communist regime ought to be convinced by looking a little deeper at some of the details behind China’s recent crackdown in Tibet:

China’s long-term strategy, which the violence may have only reinforced, has been to wait for the Dalai Lama to die on the theory that it can control his successor as Tibet’s spiritual leader. A new Dalai Lama would likely have little of the same prestige, inside China or abroad.

In 1995, China arrested the Panchen Lama, the No. 2 in Tibetan Buddhism, a 6-year-old at the time. He has not been seen since. China then anointed another Tibetan youth as a replacement, and it has tightly controlled his education and public duties since. Under Tibetan Buddhism, traditionally the Panchen Lama names a new Dalai Lama, theoretically giving the Chinese government control over the present Dalai Lama’s succession.

Countries around the world have been grabbing adjacent territory throughout history, eliminating or “assimilating” the existing populations in the process–my own included. However, in the early 21st century, no country that expects to be taken seriously on the world stage ought to believe that it can get away with such barbarity. A government that “disappears” a six-year-old child in hopes of controlling its conquered territory has no legitimacy whatsoever.

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