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China’s regime is evil, but it doesn’t hold a candle to the shocking malevolence on display in neighboring North Korea.

Around March each year, North Korea typically asks the South to provide it with about 300,000 tons of fertilizer for its spring planting and 500,000 tons of rice to help overcome its chronic “choongoong,” or spring hunger.

“Spring hunger” must be Commie-speak for “our thoroughly discredited ideology seems to be causing another famine, please feed us”.

North Korea’s “leadership” is in fact so evil, that even China comes out smelling like a rose when it offers aid to the chronically undernourished population. China’s aid typically goes to regimes as evil as its own, such as the one currently practicing genocide in Sudan, presumably on the enemy-of-my-enemy-is-my-friend theory, in which the enemy in question is of course the United States. North Korea and China are naturally ideological pals too, but even the odious “Dear Leader” or whatever the fuck he’s calling himself these days knows there’s a limit to how many of his “subjects” he can allow to die in order to prop up his personal supply of hookers and cigars. Based on what we saw in the 1990′s, that limit appears to be at least 10%. It’s possible even the revered Mao himself didn’t reach such a dizzying percentage of deaths on his hands*.

Now it seems the Dear Leader wants to gamble the lives of his people on yet another pissing match with the South (and by extension, the United States). How many millions will die this time?

*In sheer numbers, Mao is generally regarded as the all-time leader in deaths caused by famines, purges, etc. The figures I’ve seen range from 20 to 60 million. With a population of roughly half a billion in the mid-twentieth century, we’re looking at around 10% for that bastard too. Could be more or less, as the numbers are very rough. Still vying with Stalin for evilest human ever, I think. The Kim klan never seems to make such lists, I think, only because the raw number of corpses is smaller.

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