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Rupert Murdoch, owner of everything, has a brilliant idea for turning a profit at his sagging New York Post:

Mr. Murdoch said Wednesday that the company was taking separate steps to stem losses at The Post. He said the paper would raise its cover price within the next two weeks to 50 cents, from a quarter.

Some of us haven’t forgotten that the Post dropped its price to a quarter several years ago in an attempt to… turn a profit. I guess that hasn’t worked out. No mention of Mr. Murdoch having any interest in, I don’t know, improving the paper’s dreadful content, which combines the lowest of low-brow trash journalism unworthy of the weekly gossip and alien-abduction rags with the hard-right pro-war conservative editorial content Mr. Murdoch is known for. My guess is Mr. Murdoch isn’t actually concerned about turning a profit at his vanity press – otherwise it would have folded years ago.

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Comment by Rex

Posted on May 5th, 2010

Isn’t it folded already — on THE LEFT!? Hmmm…? So you never miss “the rest of the story”…”below the fold”!

Comment by Rhywun

Posted on May 16th, 2010

Yuk yuk.

I’ve actually grown to somewhat like the Post lately, if only for the editorial section, which is full of smart writers, especially on local issues, where the Post is often the only voice opposing some of the more destructive nonsense imposed by the Democratic machine here in NYC.