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The following happened in Iowa:

Agents from U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement entered the Agriprocessors Inc. complex in northeast Iowa Monday morning to execute a criminal search warrant for evidence relating to aggravated identity theft, fraudulent use of Social Security numbers and other crimes, said Tim Counts, a Midwest ICE spokesman.

Agents are also executing a civil search warrant for people illegally in the United States, he said.

Anyone who’s been following the immigration issue in America during the last few years knows that one of the two paragraphs above is true, and the other is horseshit. The answer is below the fold.

A moment’s thought should give the answer. The ridiculously-named “ICE” is in the business of rounding up illegal aliens, not going after identity theft and “other crimes” against which all levels of government already have a bountiful supply of law-enforcement agencies and alphabet soup from which to choose.

No, what happened is the county sheriff got fed up with all the townsfolk complaining about the Hispanics in town (they’ve got enough trouble already dealing with all the Jews…), called up one of his buddies in whatever the capital of Iowa is, who called one of his buddies in Washington, who pulled some strings and got the migra to make take a little trip to northeast Iowa. There is no evidence of identity theft, no evidence of fraudulent use of Social Security numbers. Unless by “evidence”, they are referring to the presence of large numbers of Spanish-speaking people, among which one can reasonably guess there might be some illegals. However, a guess is not evidence. But in today’s climate of rounding up the foreigners who do our shit jobs for us at low wages, and sending ‘em back where they came from, so that you and I can pay higher food prices and enjoy a Spanish-free environment, a “guess” is good enough.

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Comment by Rex

Posted on May 5th, 2010

Hey, it’s your opinion (and your blog)!

Comment by Rhywun

Posted on May 16th, 2010

Sí, señor.