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I picked up a new iPod the other day, one of the big suckers with a 160GB capacity. (I remember when a 2GB hard drive was about the size of a small filing cabinet.)

Considering that my music collection is now at about 50GB, I considered the 80GB model for about… five seconds. My previous model was 30GB and packed to the gills. Anyway, like all iPods, it’s a fantastic little machine that I couldn’t live without during those long commutes on the subway.

I have one complaint, however. (You knew there would be a complaint.) It’s the horrible, boring, dreary Helvetica they chose to replace the stylish Myriad font (or proprietary variants thereof) that’s appeared on all iPods for years now. This new font is boring. See for yourself. It’s quite possibly the most generic font out there (and very similar to Arial–another boring font–which is ubiquitous in the Windows world, being the default font in new Excel spreadsheets for example). Apparently the motivation behind using this font in the new iPods is that Helvetica is also the standard font on the (over-hyped?) iPhone. (The new iMacs are designed to mimic the iPhone, too.) Oh well, it’s a small annoyance that just detracts ever so slightly from the pleasure I’ve always had using an iPod. No big deal. At least it’s not a Zune.

[Update Feb. 2008: I’ve heard the new Zunes are giving the iPod a run for their money, at least feature- and design-wise. Very interesting. The new Creative Zens look promising, too. Considering that I just switched back to Windows from the Mac, for reasons I’ll not go into now, and considering that iTunes sucks on Windows, I’m kind of undecided how to proceed with my vast music collection. For now I’m just dumping it all into Windows Media Player.]

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