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Finally, some radical thinking on bus and subway fares:

It might sound like pie in the sky– but a new plan unveiled today would not only keep bus and subway fares down, it would eliminate them altogether. It’s an extreme congestion pricing plan that makes Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s look tame.

Not mentioned in the article–or anywhere that I’ve seen–is the cost savings that could be realized by eliminating the massive fare-collection apparatus required by the current system: token booth clerks, the computerized metro card system, card readers. One wonders whether the idea of eliminating fares might actually pay for itself, without the need for the draconian congestion pricing mentioned in the article (which doesn’t have a hope in hell of passing). Which leads to:

However worthy an idea, it seems unlikely New Yorkers will see free subways and buses anytime soon. It’s not even being considered by the Congestion Pricing Commission, which votes next week on a proposal to forward to lawmakers.

Of course no one will take the idea seriously. The Transit Workers Union would become apoplectic. They know that their salaries–like in almost any business–are the largest cost of running the system. And since the city sings to its tune, there’s no eliminating those jobs, let alone getting even modest cuts on the table.

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“Can we simply abandon an enterprise because it is a problem for a particular individual?” Chertoff told CNN. “I don’t think I can accept that.”

A perfect expression of this administration’s contemptible loathsomeness.

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I’m listening to Tangerine Dream’s latest album, Madcap’s Flaming Duty and I am pleasantly surprised to admit that it’s the best thing I’ve heard from them in almost twenty years. [more]

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A real act of bravery:

“This is a real act of political courage and statesmanship by the governor. He is taking what I think was a good bill and making it even better,” said James Reilly, chairman of the RTA.

What’s so brave? Why, pandering to seniors with free transit in order to divert attention from a sales-tax increase, of course! What other solution is there when your transit system is out of money? Duh.