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I never thought I would turn into one of those “Remember when…” guys, but… Remember when an eight-ounce bag of potato chips cost 89 cents? I do. [more]

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San Francisco officials fake out the populace in order to appease China. I wonder where they learned those tactics.

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Will the Olympic torch’s path through San Francisco be a three-peat after the protesters in London and Paris got more attention than the torch itself? It’s getting a posse of protection normally reserved for world leaders, but travelling through America’s most protest-happy city practically guarantees mayhem will ensue. I say, bring it on. If there’s anything worth protesting, it’s the world giving China’s despicable totalitarian regime the acceptance it so desperately craves and so clearly does not deserve. China’s leaders will continue to spread vicious lies about the “splittists” who continue to demand some sort of freedom from their tyranny, while continuing to practice the same kind of “manifest destiny” tactics that the US and other countries got away with 150 years ago but doesn’t fly in today’s globalized, democracy-conscious community. Sorry, China, if you want to participate in today’s world affairs, expect to have your dirty laundry aired in public, and DON’T expect the same old torture and repression to make it go away.

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China’s regime is evil, but it doesn’t hold a candle to the shocking malevolence on display in neighboring North Korea.

Around March each year, North Korea typically asks the South to provide it with about 300,000 tons of fertilizer for its spring planting and 500,000 tons of rice to help overcome its chronic “choongoong,” or spring hunger.

“Spring hunger” must be Commie-speak for “our thoroughly discredited ideology seems to be causing another famine, please feed us”. [more]